3 Halloween Nail Designs You’ll Love

Halloween is a little over a week away! You’ve picked out your costume, your party plans are set, and it’s looking like you’re going to a spooktacular holiday, but have you gone all out? Halloween nails are one of the hottest trends in makeup and beauty right now, because they can be fun, silly, and downright scary, depending on the style you try. Here are three designs we’re loving this season.

bloodnailsBlood Splattered Nails

Give your friends and family a fright when they see these blood-tipped nails. You can make them easily with the following steps:

What You Need

  • A deep, dark red nail polish
  • A white nail polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Q-tips
  • A plastic drinking straw (grab an extra at the local fast food place)
  • An old towel, layers of newspaper or another cover to keep the “splatter” from going everywhere in the house

How to Get the Look

  • Start out by painting your nails with two coats of the white nail polish, and wait until partially dry
  • Drop a dab of red nail polish on the towel or newspaper
  • Grab the plastic straw and swirl it in the drop, coating one end completely
  • Position the straw, polish side down, about 2 inches away from your nails
  • Blow through the other (non-covered) end to create the splatter design
  • Use the q-tips and nail polish remover to remove the splattered nail polish from your nail beds (You could also cover your fingers a bit with tape or a bandage to keep them clean)

spider-web-nailsSpiderqueen Nails

Be the Spider Queen with these nails featuring creepy crawly arachnids.

What You Need

A black nail polish (matte is best)
A white nail polish
Top coat to seal the design

How to Get the Look

  • You have two choices: You can either have a black background with white webs, or white background with black web. Take your pick
  • Paint your nails with the background color first. Two coats is advised.
  • Wait until the back coat is dry, once dry, dab a toothpick in the white nailpolish
  • Start with one line of your web design, and draw three straight lines
  • Dip your toothpick again, and draw three curved lines going across your first lines. Here’s your first web
  • Repeat the process across all of your nails
  • Once all dry, paint with a top coat to seal the design

tombstone-nailsTombstone Nails

Say “RIP” to boring nails with these funky Halloween motif.

What You Need

A grey nail polish
A black nail polish
Top coat for sealing the design
A very-fine Sharpie

How to Get the Look

  • Paint your nails with the black nail polish, with two coats advised
  • After this first round dries, pick up your grey nail polish and paint the shape of a nail on the black, leaving a bit of space at the top. This is your tombstone
  • After the grey tombstones dry, grab your Sharpie and write “RIP” on the tombstones
  • Optional: Use green nail polish and toothpicks to paint grass
  • Repeat the process on all of your nails
  • Seal with a top coat

There you have it, three fun, spooky, and creepy nail designs for this Halloween!

All images found on Pinterest.


  1. Myranda says:

    I can’t wait to do the bloody nails. Those are awesome!

  2. Amanda Guevara says:

    I’m switching it up with a silver spider on my thumbs, and then the webs in between. Will look perf for my party! <3

  3. Zacharee says:

    The bloody nails are a little scary! ???? LOL

  4. Nicole says:

    Aw, I love the spider fingernails!

  5. Isabel (Izzy) says:

    I just found my new Halloween nails! I love those bloody ones haha they’re scary.

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