Best Ways to Wear a Turtleneck This Fall

The turtleneck is a must in fashion if you live anywhere with cold temperatures, but putting one on day after day can be monotonemous. How many times can you really show up to work wearing a turtleneck and skirt or pants combo? After a while, you’ll probably feel more like you’re putting on a uniform than dressing up. By working with other pieces in your closet, you can make the turtleneck work in a variety of ways, and I’ve profiled just a few of my favorite looks below.

Pair Turtlenecks with Pinstripes

Summer and spring is a good time for pinstripes, but your turtleneck will let you wear them in the fall as well. Pair a pinstriped top with a solid color turtleneck for a perfection combination of elegance and comfort. Red, black, yellow, and grey are good bets for your color matching options, especially if you have black or blue pinstriped blouses. Don’t have a pinstriped blouse? The solid turtleneck looks great layered with a white fitted shirt too! Just let the shirttails stick out underneath from the top layer a bit.

Get Dressy with a White Turtleneck

Do you have an autumn dress that you love to wear, but the breeze is just a bit too chilly to wear it? Dresses in golds, browns, blacks, and tans, let you add some color to a plain white turtleneck, plus it keeps you warm! If your pattern is bold, keep your jewelry minimal so as not to overwhelm the whole outfit.

turtleneck-skirtSkirt the Line with a Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are made for skirts, because they make any skirt double adorable. It doesn’t matter if your legs are showing and your arms are covered, because this style is seen everywhere, from college campuses to the local Target to the runways. A turtleneck can pair nicely with a midi skirt, a leather skirt, and a maxi skirt very well. You can even have a feminine look with a tulle skirt. If you go with a mini skirt, don’t forget to wear an oversized turtleneck that comes past your navel.






Turtlenecks Let You Scarf Up Praise

Want a simple look with your turtleneck? Choose a black, grey, or other solid color turtleneck, and pair it with a vibrant bold scarf around your neck. This is the best way to wear a bright and colorful scarf without overpowering the outfit.

plaid-turtleneckBe Glad with Plaid and Turtlenecks

Here’s a good way to take your turtleneck from workwear to casual wear. You can wear a flannel shirt, such as a cute plaid, over a solid color turtleneck. When styling, think of good color combinations such as yellow and black, or shades or blues with a grey. However, there’s no real bad combination!





I hope this helps you put together some new outfits for your turtleneck! Be adventurous with how you style it, or use my tips, and either way, you’ll find a new way to wear this autumn staple. Layer up well and you can carry the look all through winter!



  1. Alannah says:

    I can’t wear a turtleneck because I hate things around my neck but some of these looks are too cute!

  2. Suzann Ross says:

    That tulle skirt and turtleneck look is so lovely and girly. It looks like something Hepburn would wear!

  3. Nellie says:

    Great dress idea! Also got a mini skirt made of leather I’m pairing with a soft grey Calvin Klein turtleneck. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Sharon says:

    I’ve been wearing the plaid shirt and turtleneck for a bit now. Never knew I’d be in style, LOL

  5. Felice says:

    Loving these pairings! Can’t wait to read more this winter.

  6. Lori says:

    Great ideas, I love them all

  7. Paya says:

    Jeans and a cashmere always looks elegant.

  8. Regina says:

    No that plaid and turtleneck is awful.

  9. Daniella Tarovella says:

    Scarf look! So cute!

  10. Tilly Gaiman says:

    Soon I can wear all of this cute stuff again..come on fall!

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