Bouncy Curls with No Heat

Everyone wants beautiful bouncy curls without the hassle of frying your hair off and using heating appliances. Our hair is extremely sensitive to heat of any kind and can be really easily broken off and or damaged. That is why we have found an amazing technique for you all to try out that uses absolutely no heat, yet still manages to give you the most bounciest and voluminous curls. All you need to create these gorgeous spiral curls are a pack of bobby pins, and a spray bottle filled with water. Section off your hair into how many sections you usually do, we recommend 3 (the bottom, the middle, and the top.) Grabbing 1-inch sections, mist your hair lightly with your spray bottle dampening the hair.

Once your hair has been slightly dampened, using your two fingers, wrap the hair around your fingers and quickly bobby pin the curl that you have created up to your head. The trick is that your fingers act as a barrel, creating the shape of a curl, and once you’ve gotten that shape you can quickly bobby pin the curl securely to your head, and continue on with the rest of your sections. After you’ve curled all of your hair, repeating the same process on every section, you can either wait the 15-30 minutes it takes for your hair to completely dry, or use a blow dryer. The blow dryer sadly defeats the purpose of the no heat look, but if you’re in a rush we don’t blame you. Once you’ve waited till your hair is completely dry, release the bobby pins, shake your curls around, and there you have it! Beautiful, sexy, messy curls!


  1. gigi smelser says:

    this is a rly awesome method 🙂

  2. danni says:

    i’ve always wanted curly hair so this is amazing !!!

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