Braid Waves

We all love that sexy tousled look we get when we spend a day at the beach, our skin is bronzed, our cheeks are rosy, and most importantly, we sport a really sexy do’. Well, nowadays we don’t even have to go to the beach to get such a gorgeous hairstyle, we can do it all in the comfort of our cool, air-conditioned home! One of the quickest and easiest ways that we love to create sultry beach waves is the flat iron trick. The flat iron can be used for much more than just sleek and sexy straight hair; it can also create sexy voluminous beach waves. This look takes less than 10 minutes to achieve and has your hair looking perfectly tousled, as if you’ve just dunked your head into the salted ocean.

You can either tie your hair into two separate braids, or one large side braid, whichever works better for your. Once you’ve created your braids, carefully press your flat iron onto your hair, holding for a few seconds, and sliding down the braid, making sure the heat is distributed everywhere. You can repeat this however many times you like, but make sure you don’t burn your hair or keep the iron on for too long, no one likes the smell of fried hair, blech! Afterwards, just remove your braids and wa-la! Beachy sexy hair! Another tip you can do is after releasing the braids, use a spray mixture of sea salt and warm water to mist your hair gently and crunch, that will create an even more tousled look!

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  1. abigail upham says:

    i’m gonna be doing this every day now!!!!

  2. katy cranston says:

    i love how easy this was to recreate 🙂

  3. leah v. says:

    i love this

  4. lillian keisler says:

    this is hair goals <333

  5. mai says:

    this method made my hair look so perfect ^.^

  6. jenni says:

    wow i never thought this would work but my hair looks sooo good 😀

  7. emilia vandenberg says:

    amazingly simple 🙂

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