Cara Delevinge’s Side Braid

Cara Delevingne is an absolute rebel when it comes to anything hair, makeup, and style. That is why we absolutely love her faux side braid she wore for the MET Gala 2013. Looking as stunning as ever Cara wore her hair in quite the unique styling with a dark smoky eye that brought full on attention to those bright blue eyes and a very low v studded dress. But,wholesale nfl jerseys all we can focus on is that incredible hair styling, we want to show you guys how to recreate Cara’s stunning faux side braid that will have all eyes on you next time you go out. To begin, side your hair to a deep part, just like Cara’s. Grab the small section of your hair at the top and slowly begin to French braid your hair all the way down.

If you haven’t learned how to French braid don’t fret! There are an absolute ton of YouTube videos that show step-by-step tutorials on how to create the perfect French braid. Pretty soon you’ll be a French braiding pro! Once you’ve created that perfect French braid, we recommend purchasing some tiny elastic clear hair bands to tie your braid with. They’re perfect to hide the elastic without having a chunky hair tie hanging from your braid. After your done, just push all of your hair to the side, including your braid, and bobby pin it against your head so it doesn’t budge. And there you have it, Cara Delevingne’s super stylish faux braid, one look we’ll definitely be sporting at our next outing or get together!


  1. florentina says:

    this was rly helpful

  2. sarah kroeger says:

    gorgeous look :)))

  3. sandie keith says:

    excellent explanation

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