Creating that Sultry Smokey Look

Smokey eyes are the epitome of all that is sultry. From that sultry glaring look they can provide and the accentuation they can bring unto our eyes we cant help but always opt for a smoky eye wherever we happen to be going. If you’re a huge smoky eye fanatic like us, then you know the appreciation we all have for a good brown smoky eye. Not as harsh as a full on black smokey eye, a brown smoky eye can be worn day or not flattering any eye color and complexion. One of our all time favorite smokey eyes to sport once in awhile comes with our outstanding Lorac Pro Palette. Using the color “Taupe” within our crease, we love to blend that thoroughly to create the perfect transition shade. Next, using “Sable” and a flatshader brush, apply the color onto your lid.

Remember to apply lightly; it’s easier to add more color onto the lid than it is to remove! Sable is the perfect warm shade of brown that will really help any eye color pop. Grabbing a clean fluffy brush just begin to blend your crease out slightly more making sure your transition shade along with your brown blend together smoothly. Grabbing “Darkhorse” from the Naked Palette, just lightly apply that into your inner V to create that seriously smoky effect. Line your lower lash line with a bit of Sable along with lining your eyes the best you feel accentuates your eye shape, pop of some falsies and your good to go!


  1. lucy says:

    fantastic look!!!

  2. elyse spiller says:

    this came out great 🙂

  3. amanda j. says:


  4. Annett Mosley says:

    this is my favorite palette of all time

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