Creating the Flawless Red Lip

We all know how excruciatingly painful it is to perfect the struggle that is the red lip. Although we look like it came ever so effortlessly once achieved, on the inside we know the repeated amount of times we had to take to ensure that our red lip hasn’t smudged or gotten any onto out face that isn’t our lips. Well ladies, the days of sighing over our not so picture-perfect red lips are over! We want to teach you a few tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way to create the flawless red nfl jerseys To begin, just like you would before applying your eye shadow, you need to prime! Priming your lips is an absolute necessity when applying any shade of lipstick on. One of our favorite lip primers is MAC’s “Prep + Prime Lip.” A swipe of this primer onto your lips is enough to ensure
your lipstick stays in place all day and doesn’t budge. Next, before even applying your red lipstick, always remember to line your lips.

Lining your lips is a great way to create a shape and is a perfect outline for where you should apply your red lipstick.Keep your lining true to your lip size, you really don’t want to over line too drastically and look quite clownish. Now comes the fun part, filling in your lips! Apply the red lipstick of your choice, keeping within the lines where you first lined your lips. Once you’ve deemed your lips looking fantastic, we want to create that crisp sharp edged look that helps make your lips look faultless. Taking any creamy concealers and flat brush, carefully line the concealer around your lips, gently buffing it into your skin so the concealer isn’t noticeable. There you have it, the perfect red lip ladies!Also, another secret trick that we love is how to turn any lip color into a matte shade. Once you have completed all of these genius steps, taking a sheet of tissue paper, remove the first layer and place the second layer onto your lips brushing a translucent powder onto the paper. And boom! Your lipstick has now become matte!


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