DIY Clearing Face Mask

All of our faces are prone to one of the most incessant things ever besides acne, blackheads. Although blackheads may not be as bad as a large red bump that sits on your face, they can still multiply by the hundreds and live deep within our pores. Even though many don’t notice the tiny pen like dots on our faces (and most definitely nose) we happen to and let’s be honest, they are just not appealing. As women we want our faces to look as spotless as ever, and don’t we deserve it? I mean, we do give birth don’t we! Well ladies, we have the perfect DIY mask using one simple at home ingredient to create the perfect blackhead remover. Using about 2 eggs worth of ONLY egg whites we are going to create a very simple, yet effective, facial mask for our intolerable blackheads.

Once you’ve gotten your egg whites into a bowl, using 2 ply tissue paper, rip each layer apart from each other and place them to the side. Apply your egg whites to where your blackheads rest, whether it be your nose or chin, and apply one thin layer of the tissue paper on top. Then, taking another small amount of your egg whites, brush that on top of the tissue paper and leave until your paper mask has become completely dry. The egg whites work as an extremely sticky base that will remove any blackheads deep inside your pores. Once your tissue paper has dried fully just remove your mask and your blackheads should be a trouble of the past.


  1. yani says:

    sooooo excited to try this out!!!

  2. gina says:


  3. kim says:

    very cool 🙂

  4. Lana says:

    i despise blackheads!! i’ll be trying this out 🙂

  5. stephanie says:

    holy moly!!! this worked wonders on my skin

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