DIY Lip Scrub for Cracked Lips

With winter quickly approaching it’s that time of season where our lips happen to get extremely chapped and just look extremely unattractive. Dry cracked lips is something we can’t completely eliminate as it is just something that happens naturally, but there is a way to control it keeping your lips looking smooth and soft throughout these harsh winter months. We want to show you guys how to create your own DIY Lip Scrub! Instead of paying an exaggerated price on a small lip scrub you can make your own using every day ingredients. Not only are lip scrubs perfect to remove cracks and dryness but also are an amazing lip plumper as well! When scrubbing your lips with either your finger or you can use a toothbrush the blood rushes straight to your lips helping them appear much fuller and larger. It’s an amazing 2 in 1!

What you will need to create this at home lip scrub:
wholesale nfl jerseys from china 1 teaspoon of olive oil
• 1 tablespoon of white or brown sugar
• 1 tablespoon of honey

Using any small bowl of your choice mix your oil, honey and white/brown sugar. Make sure all of the ingredients have mixed together thoroughly. Once it has become more of a rough paste apply onto your toothbrush or finger and scrub for about 1 minute or 30 seconds, depending on how long you choose. Afterwards apply your favorite lip balm. You will instantly feel the difference this will have upon your lips! This is definitely one DIY you must try. Before you’re off to school or work just scrub your lips and it’ll ensure they stay soft all day. What’s good is that the mixture can be stored inside the fridge and last quite awhile!


  1. chanice says:

    seems so yummy & sweet, I might lick it off b4 exfoliating hehe

  2. erica says:

    i will be trying this out asap

  3. Mandy says:

    super easy!!! love this <3

  4. chaela says:

    amazing lip scrub!!

  5. Jessica says:

    tried it out, my lips never felt softer 🙂

  6. bee says:

    love natural home remedies!!

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