Get Your Royal Hairstyle On with Crown Braids

Crown braids are one of the most beautiful hairstyles out there. The versatility this hairstyle features is absolutely one of kind. This look can be worn for a day at school, work, or even a wedding. Absolutely quick and easy to recreate, this look will have you receiving compliments all day long, while looking extremely well done and put together. To create this simple yet gorgeous look, take two sections from both sides of your hair and begin to braid them, just a simple regular braid. Begin to tug on each braid to create a more voluminous and thicker crown braid.

Once you’ve finished making your bread and tugging on each side, carefully place one of your two braids flat against your head and secure it tightly with a bobby pin. Taking the second braid, lay that on top of the first braid you’ve pinned down, so they can come together to appear as one full braid. You don’t want the second braid to lie on top of the first one, as that will appear quite unflattering and defeat the purpose of the crown braid look. You can leave a few face framing pieces and loosely wave your hair to create a simple and messy elegant look, or just leave your hair in its natural state. Either will look beautiful. Whether you’re in a rush or just want to create a perfectly well groomed hairstyle, the crown braid is the
absolute perfect go-to hairstyle.

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  1. migdalia g. says:

    i could never pull off this hairstyle until i read your explanation!!! thnx

  2. molly weese says:

    i love this braid!! super pretti

  3. tera says:

    so good!!!

  4. joeann dossett says:

    i luv this, i’m gonna try this out on my best friend’s hair 🙂

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