Gorgeous Pair of Ombre Lips

Ombre lips are quite the exciting trend this year. Makeup enthusiasts all over have been trying out this new look and coming up with absolutely incredible colors and an assortment of ideas. We personally love the trend and find the idea absolutely ingenious. Ombre lips are the perfect nighttime lippy to have your makeup looking daring in all of the right ways. Prepare for multiple vocal step by step tutorials from your friends and others around you begging to tell about how you achieved such a glamorous lip. But don’t worry, we’re going to be teaching you all the tips you need to create the perfect ombre lip, so when your friends just wont quit until you’ve told them how, just redirect them to our website and we’ll take them off your backs!

First, behind any good lip is a lip primer! Don’t forget to prime your lips, especially for this look, you really wouldn’t want the colors budging and moving completely ruining the idea of your ombre lip. Once you’ve primed your lips, begin by taking your darker shade of lip color, and lining your lips around the corners and slightly towards the center, leaving the middle undone for your next shade. We recommend a lip brush for best results and easier management. Next, take your lighter lip color and fill in your missing spaces, making sure that everything looks well blended together and meshes beautifully. Afterwards you can apply some gloss onto the middle to have a shine and some concealer around your lips to create that crisp edge! This lip is going to make quite the statement for your next night out, prepare for an overload of compliments.

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  1. jamee b. says:

    fantastic technique 🙂

  2. evelia ruck says:

    Very nice!!!!

  3. thora laponte says:

    pretty 🙂

  4. Jolynn P. says:

    i could never pull this off but i love it ^.^

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