Gorgeous Sleek Middle Part

One of our favorite hairstyles to do whether it is for a dinner date or just an average day at work is the ever so gorgeous sleek middle part Ms. Lima is rocking throughout this photo. This hairstyle doesn’t require a red carpet event or a glamorous gown; just a few bobby pins and some hairspray can do the trick. This look can be achieved in less than 5 minutes leaving you with an abundant amount of extra sleep time or more time to focus on other things you may have to do while still have taken the time to look extremely well done. Separating your hair throughout the middle, grab your face framing pieces and make sure to secure them tightly behind your hair using your bobby pins. Grabbing a small comb and some hairspray lightly mist your hair while brushing down the front pieces until they are completely sleek and no fly aways are popping through. Just straighten up the leftover hair and you are completely finished! See! We told you that would be quick. This is an amazing way to remove any unwanted hair from falling in your face throughout your day and still look extremely elegant and put together for wherever you may be heading.



  1. vivian munez says:

    love love love this hairstyle!!!

  2. pamela r. says:

    so pretty 🙂

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