How to Choose the Best Jeans for Your Body Type

There are few items of clothing as versatile and comfortable as a good pair of jeans. But as much as we love jeans, there’s nothing worse than going jeans shopping and winding up with a pile for 10 jeans on the floor, with not one giving you the perfect fit.

The first step is finding out what kind of figure you have. Once you know your figure, base your selections on your shape.



For an Hourglass figure, you should choose a wide-legged trouser style jeans with a mid-rise flat front. The classic style will keep you looking trim in the stomach but accentuate all your curves. A good choice is the Levi Modern Supreme Curve Skinny Jeans – Deep Static, $59.50.



Pear-shape might be the most common shape of American women. If you are pear-shaped, you want to avoid a tapered look and stick with a low-rising front. Choose a flared or trouser leg. This will balance you out, minimize your hips and give you style to die for. Try the Hudson Gwen Wide Leg in Oldmill, $165.



The plus-sized lady should opt for a darker rinse, which is slimming. Go with straight legged or trouser style. Try shopping at or in the Torrid retail store. They have a wide variety of jeans for plus-sized women of all shapes and their styles are more hip and updated than what you get at Lane Bryant. The Torrid Denim Yacht Trouser, $52, is our top choice.



When you’re tall, you have legs for days, so why not show them off? Hit up the stores for lean straight-legged styles, since you can wear skinny jeans better than anyone. You’ll also be right at home in flared 70s-inspired denim, which is making a comeback this season. Wrangler Bootcut Jeans, $110.79, fit the retro look, while the Rich & Skinny High-Rise Bootcut Jeans in Rinse Wash, $140, are a classic skinny jean.



If you have a boyish figure, that means you don’t have curvy hips but also aren’t model tall. This is a great body type for jeans, and you can wear almost any wash and style. Select something mid-rise with a little bit of a boot-cut opening or even a little flared bottom. The extra flare will give you a slightly curvier silhouette. The Express Refrock Boot Cut Jean – Thick Stitch, $98, is an amazing example of the slightly flared bottom can pack a big punch.



Petite women should always shop in the petite section. Your first choice should be slim-cut. You will look fantastic in cropped jeans (ankle or calf-length) and can also rock a little boot-cut. The ASOS PETITE Exclusive Light Blue Skinny Jean, $55.40, will work nicely.

Tips for Specific Problem Areas

If you have a bigger belly….choose moderate-rise, which hits just below your belly button. This covers your stomach but also doesn’t bunch up.

If your hourglass figure includes a larger backside… look for jeans cut higher in the back, and search for a contoured waistline to reduce that pesky gaping.

If you have full hips and thighs... select a contoured waist and a higher rise in the back than front. The front should end at your hip bone or bellow your belly button, preventing it from cutting into you at the widest point.

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  1. Benny Blades says:

    Good tips. I think people stuff themselves into jeans that are too small. It looks awful.

  2. Helena Thomas says:

    Torrid is now selling sizes 10. They have great jeans.

  3. Wolfe says:

    That ASOS jean is hot!

  4. Martha says:

    Moderate rise – great tip. too many women stuff themselves into bad low rise jeans.

  5. E44 says:

    Great tips. People should really memorize the styles that work for them and stick to them.

  6. Lady and the Tramp says:

    Another tip – ALWAYS try jeans on. Even if you’ve purchased the same before, sometimes the store or brand makes minor changes that will screw you over.

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