Kylie Jenner’s Lip Look

One everyday lipstick we could never forget about would most definitely have to be “Faux” by MAC. Hands down one of our absolute favorite lipsticks. Faux also happens to be outrageously similar to Kylie Jenner’s pout every makeup geek has been going ballistic for. We’ll be talking throughout the article how to create Kylie Jenner’s to die for everyday lip but first we’d like to continue raving about this stellar product. Coming in at $16, like every MAC lipstick does, this is the perfect satin color. It emphasizes your natural lip color but adding in a little more depth. The amount of compliments we’ve received when wearing this color is ridiculous yet much appreciated. If you feel as though nude lipsticks tend to wash you out well this would most definitely be the product for you. We tend to rock this look as an everyday lip because of how naturally beautiful it comes off when applied. If you’re a MAC lipstick junkie like the rest of us consider investing this lippy to add to the collection. If you’re all about mauve and neutral colors throughout your day Faux is going to be your most used makeup product.

Now, lets begin to talk about Miss Kylie Jenner’s iconic pout. From her Instagram photos to photo-shoots in general Kylie has always been under speculation of lip injections. While the thought of that doesn’t honestly strike us as too crazy because c’mon, we are talking about the Kardashian family here, we’ve come to think that it’s all about over lining the lips! From models back in the 90’s to Pamela Anderson over exaggerating the natural lip line has been a very loved/hated trend. Honestly, we love the idea of it, but, if done correctly. You don’t want to go to overboard with the lip lining, believe us. To get Kylie’s large lip look, we recommend getting MAC’s lip liner in “Whirl.” Supposedly Kylie has said herself on Twitter that is the secret to her large pout, but whether that be true or not the color is extraordinarily beautiful. Slighlty underneath your natural lip begin to outline your lips ever so slightly. Once you’ve outlined your lips a little under where your natural lining begins start to color them in with Whirl. If your loving the look the way it is and don’t want to apply any other products than just keep your lips the way they look and rock it, but if you want to apply a lipstick on top that would be where Faux comes in. Apply Faux onto your lips and embrace the compliments that are yet to come!


  1. Nicole says:

    i have literally been searching everywhere 4 what lipstick she uses!!!!!!!!!

  2. nadine says:

    yessss amazing 🙂

  3. sara says:

    fantastic take on the look 🙂

  4. linda says:

    ahhh she’s so pretty, luv her makeup

  5. meredith says:

    love the dupes u mentioned

  6. jennifer says:

    obsessed with her lipstick shade <333

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