Naked 3 Palette Dupe Alert!

We are so absolutely excited to talk about this new palette we’ve come across recently, the “Revealed 2” Palette. If you’ve always wanted the Naked 3 Palette but couldn’t really splurge on the product well your in luck! The Revealed 2 Palette is almost an exact dupe of the Naked 3, yet is much more affordable! Originally $40, this palette has been on sale for only $20! Featuring beautifully made rose golds and shimmer browns this palette has really outdone itself. Honestly, we might just like this palette a bit more than the Naked 3. The colors are super pigmented and glide on so easily. The palette contains more colors than the Naked 3 as well and can create an abundant amount of looks.

We love that the palette is so versatile, and not only can create the most gorgeous everyday looks but the most sultriest smoky night eyes as well. We are huge fans of rose gold pigments and brown eye shadows so once we found out about this palette we were beyond excited. We just knew we had to mention it to you guys! Once opening the palette the first row contains those pretty shimmer neutrals we all love and extends on into the second row containing or mauve browns and darker shades. For $20 you are really getting a bargain for your buck cause we promise you this palette is going to blow you away. Whether you’re a huge makeup enthusiast or just beginner into the colorful exciting world that is makeup we guarantee this palette is one you absolutely must own!


  1. anne says:

    OMG!!! thank u so much for this dupe 🙂 it’s amazing

  2. bella d. says:

    i never heard of this palette b4, hope it’s as amazing as you guys say :0

  3. dara swigert says:

    the colors on this palette are soooo pretti

  4. keshia royce says:

    I HAVE this palette!! it’s super pigmented, great dupe

  5. Clara Polzin says:

    wow great price for such beautiful shades!!!

  6. maricela kinslow says:

    terrific dupe suggestion 🙂

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