Obsession: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

One of our most recent obsessions has been the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. I mean, just take a look at those beauties! With a gorgeous array of colors NYX has once again provided us with a beautiful cream lipstick that dries matte! Since fall is upon us our favorite lipsticks have been matte lately and these feature the perfect colors for all year long. From the left as you can see the colors range from nude and continue onto the right to a much darker color scheme. Although they appear like a lip-gloss let us just say these colors pack a vibrant punch. One swift coat of the product is enough to cover the entire lips while still looking so bright. The great thing is that these are nowhere near drying when it comes to applying onto your lips and don’t crack or fall off flaky. It’s the perfect matte lip cream to last all day! You’d expect such a perfect product to cost quite costly, but you would be wrong. These luxurious lippies only cost $6! Yeah, we know, we couldn’t believe it either.

If you were still wondering whether or not to get this lip creams the price should definitely have persuaded your opinion by now. We promise that you won’t find a better bunch of cream lipsticks that dry matte than NYX’s. For the fall and winter season we absolutely love wearing the color “Copenhagen” (number 8 on the list). It’s a deep purple plum shade that is extraordinarily stunning when put on. The color is lively and creates a beautiful matte finish. Although we’re in love with all of the outstanding colors that NYX has provided us we definitely have a special place in our hearts for the color “Zurich” and “Cannes” (number 3 and 4 above.) They feature a beautiful rose mauve color that we just can’t resist for an everyday look. And, when we’re feeling a little sultry a swipe of “Ibiza” (number 6) is enough to have our lips looking pretty and pouty. So next time your looking for a new shade of lipsticks to add onto the collection we definitely recommend you check these out, whether it be to just buy one, or all 9 of these cream lipsticks.


  1. Carita V. says:

    dying to try these out!!!

  2. marylynn chabot says:

    my fav is ibiza, such a terrific shade 🙂

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