Perfect Fall Nail Polish Shades

OPI Nail Polish is one of our absolute favorites when it comes to unique beautifully colored nail polishes. One color we most absolutely will be wearing throughout fall and wintertime is from their San Francisco Collection “In the Cable Car Pool Lane.” This color is a gorgeous brown plum shade that goes perfectly throughout the color scheme of fall. OPI is amazing when it comes to vibrant color with no chipping. We all know how aggravating it is when a fresh paint job just happens to chip the next day. We tend to love vibrant dark shaded colors and this is the perfect example of that. We’ve already concocted throughout our head millions of chic fall and winter outfits we can wear while rocking these gorgeous nails.

If you’re like us then you know the feeling where you just want to coordinate your nail color according to seasons and always having them look so on point, so we just couldn’t help but pick this color up at our nearest Ulta. Only $9 this shade is one we just had to have throughout our nail polish collection. We love that the color last for at least a good week without chipping, considering many other nail polishes we’ve ever tried that is definitely a plus in our book. If you’re looking for the perfect plum shade for your nails than we highly recommend this stunning color.  It stands out against warm shades creating a very sexy pop of color throughout our winter looks.


  1. ava says:

    love <3

  2. olivia says:

    i’ll def be using this polish at my next mani 😀

  3. tiffanie says:

    what a gorgeous color!!!

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