Perfection in a Pinky Nude Lipstick

If you so happen to be a little intimidated to pull off a nude lip then MAC’s lipstick in “Kinda Sexy” will sweep you off your feet. This
lipstick is the perfect pinky nude that looks absolutely beautiful with any makeup look. If your looking to create the perfect pouty lips this color is definitely one to be considered purchasing. We love that the color features not an entirely nude shade but contains peachy pink tones underneath providing your lip with the perfect light pink color. Sliding on creamy as all MAC lipstick’s do, this shade looks wonderful with any skin tone and complexion.

We love wearing this lippy to provide our lips with a frost bitten color that looks absolutely beautiful. Although this color is stunning, $16 can be a bit pricey, that is why we went out searching for the perfect dupe to compare to this brownish pink shade and we happened to stumble upon Makeup Revolutions Lipstick in the shade “The One.” Believe it or not this shade happens to be 1 British pound, which is equal to $1.64. We think that both shades are perfectly stunning and which ever you choose to purchase we think that you’ll love both.


  1. Maisie Rohe says:

    beautiful 🙂

  2. yadira marasco says:

    gorgeous color!!! a new must have in my collection

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