Ralph Lauren’s Romance for Her Eau de Perfume for a Feminine Scent

If you’re looking for femininity in a bottle than Ralph Lauren’s Romance for Her Eau de Perfume is going to have in your in love. When it comes to all things scent related Ralph Lauren is a genius in his forte. Personally, we dislike anything that comes off as too strong, we look for something that has a very sweet and delicate smell, and if you’re like that as well than this is most definitely the perfume for you. One spritz of this carries such an abundant amount of a light floral smell that will have anyone around you showering you with compliments. We adore that the perfume is so versatile as it is perfect for a day at work and a night out.The smell carries such a sensual and sexy scent yet helps you remain that feminine and innocent feel.

It’s extremely long lasting and is very much worth the price.As the smell remains very subtle and fresh it is perfect if your not looking to offend anyone with an overpowering smell. We know what it’s like to have to be in close corridors with others throughout work so having this sprayed onto our skin receives multiple compliments from not only women but also men! No one likes a fragrance that has you sneezing all day and providing others with an awful headache, well Romance for Her Eau de Perfume is the exact opposite. We can’t help but rave about this perfume; although the least expensive bottle is quite small we promise it will last for quite a while. Next time your looking to splurge on a new scent keep this one in mind, one sniff will have you in utter awe.


  1. Kiera Claxton says:

    i love this perfume 🙂

  2. Judie says:

    This stuff smells like heaven 🙂

  3. violet schlect says:

    my best friend has this perfume, it rly smells great
    she always gets compliments when she wears it

  4. sylvia m. says:

    tested this at sephora, it rly was a great smell!

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