Regrow Your Eyebrows & Lashes

We’ve all been victim to over plucking our eyebrows and losing the length of our lashes from vigorous false lashes use. Lashes and eyebrows do really contribute a lot to the appearance of our face, believe it or not. That is why have found another DIY that we adore that helps promote lash growth along with eyebrows as well. The ingredients are all natural and we promise this serum is going to show quick and efficient results.

To create this all natural serum you will need:
• Coconut oil
• Castor oil
• Small 3-4 oz glass container
• Avocado Oil

To begin start off by filling your small glass container halfway with castor oil. Next fill your bottle less than halfway to the top with
coconut oil, and fill up to the top with your avocado oil.These three ingredients are extremely beneficial to hair and skin growth, and will work amazingly when combined together into this mixture.Using a Q-tip or a clean mascara wand (you can buy fresh ones at any drugstore),lightly coat this onto your eyebrows and eyelashes every night until you see improvement. The key is to don’t give up after a week of trying this mixture, patience is key and you cannot expect fast results after one day of doing so. Hopefully you guys consider trying this amazingly naturally serum, and if so hopefully you’ll see a huge improvement in the growth of your lashes and eyebrows!


  1. lynell gebhart says:

    i will def be using this for my lashes!!

  2. arla rainey says:

    ok i’m going to start this asap, hope i’m patient enough to see it through for some actual results 🙂

  3. leah says:

    this is great! i need to buy some castor oil now 🙂

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