Smokey Cat Eyes

Smokey cat eyes are one of the sexiest and sultriest makeup looks of them all. The effect they have upon the eye is incredible and can really amp up any look. Cheap Jerseys from china Some tend to find this look one of the easiest to recreate, yet some also find it one of the hardest. Luckily, we’ve managed to have figured out how to create the perfect smoked cat eye that we think you guys will absolutely love. In just a few simple steps, you’ll find yourself a master of all that is smoky cat eyes! What we like to do to ensure that we get that perfect winged look is the old tape trick! Some of you may know it, some of you may not! Just place a small piece of tape angled against your eye and your ready to create the perfect angled wing.

To start off, use a matte black eye shadow on an angled brush to create the smoked effect. Just like you would using an eyeliner, begin to slowly create the shape of the wing and slowly lining your lid with the shadow, bringing it slightly upwards. Once you’ve got your base line down, begin lining your eye with your liquid or gel liner, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Make your line slightly thinner than your eye shadow base so that you can still notice the smoky effect and so that the eyeliner doesn’t overcloud it. Then just grab some more of the black eye shadow onto your angled brush and pat onto your eyeliner. Apply some falsies for a more dramatic look and you will have achieved that sexy cat eye you’ve been aiming for!


  1. tammy even says:

    I am SO trying this out!!!!

  2. edris fulghum says:

    i could never pull off a smokey eye until now!!!

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