Sock Bun DIY

Sock buns are one of the most creative DIY’s and help make the most gorgeously styled buns. This look is extremely simple to make, and all that is needed is one sock! Celebrities like Kim Kardashian love to rock this large bun look and we don’t blame them! Although we do adore our messy buns, sometimes a clean and well-done bun can be appreciated as well. To begin this look, cut off the toe end of the sock, creating a tube shape. Roll your sock into donut ring shaped, and bring it down onto the base of your ponytail. Pull the sock to the ends of your hair and tuck the hair around the sides and into the center of the bun. Hold the ends of your hair at the center of donut and roll down the sock all the way towards the base of your pony. Continue rotating the sock so
that the sock has become completely covered by your hair. Tuck down any loose pieces with bobby pins and hairspray your bun to make sure it won’t unravel throughout your day.


  1. Carole Lasse says:

    so easy!!!!!

  2. Tess says:

    My hair came out gorgeous
    I couldn’t believe it :0

  3. Janet says:

    This is my absolute ftorviae hairstyle. It’s so sleek and chic but SUPER easy. My hair hasn’t seen heat (no blow dryer, curling iron, straightner, etc.) in almost two years, so this is also the perfect no-heat curl method. I usually do the sock bun the morning of Day 1, sleep in it, then take it out Day 2.

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