The Benefits of a Green Concealer

Some of you may be wondering why in the world would anyone make a green concealer? None of us have green skin, so what would be the absolute purpose for such a colored concealer. Well, we have just found out that this little guy right here is about to change the way we look at makeup and acne forever. Green is opposite to red on the color wheel, so, with that being said, this concealer can cover up all of your acne spots underneath your makeup as if they were never there! Sometimes we have a big event to go to that not even the heaviest foundation and concealers can cover up the large red monster growing on our face!

Using this green concealer can ensure that the zit struggling to make his appearance onto your face wont even be visible with a magnifying glass (maybe.) Before applying any of your foundation or concealer, grab your green shaded concealer and apply a dab of this color on top of the zit that’s causing the trouble. Remember, not around the sides of the zit, on TOP of it. Once you’ve got your green concealer on top of your zit, apply your every day concealer on top dabbing around the area and gently smoothing down so there aren’t any harsh or visible lines. Then just apply your foundation, being careful not to smudge or remove your concealer, set your face with powder, and your zit is gone into oblivion (or at least when you come back home and have to deal with that little sucker.)


  1. Jen Laursen says:

    i use the maybelline one – it works wonders on my acne

  2. shae says:

    i swear by green concealer – it rly makes a difference 🙂

  3. dakota libbey says:

    I never heard of this trick before – I def wanna use it on my acne hyper pigmentation

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