The Curling Wand for Victoria’s Secret Model Curls

One of our top favorite curling irons has definitely got to be Hot Tools CeramicTI Tourmaline 1 ½ Curling Iron. If your looking to create large barreled Victoria Secret Model curls than this is definitely the curling iron for you. As much as we do love our tight and kinky curls, we definitely appreciate a looser more effortless look. We love that this curling iron features far infrared heat that is much more gentler to hair and doesn’t leave that foul burnt smelling odor throughout your hair. The clamp is extremely easy to use and the curling iron grips your hair tight stopping any pieces from falling as you curl your hair.

The iron heats up extremely fast as well so if you’re in a rush just plug this bad boy in and its ready to go. It is a little pricey coming in at $40 but if your looking for an iron that’s going to last a while and work so efficiently than it’s definitely worth it. Although we recommend the 1 ½ inch iron if your wanting to create that effortlessly tousled look they also have 4 more different irons that each come in multiple sizes according to the look your going for. Everything from the purple coloring to the comfortable handle bar just contributes to our love for it.


  1. thora corvin says:

    i’ve got to get my hands on this wand!!

  2. laurena blume says:

    i used this curling wand on my mom and she fell in love w how her curls came out , i had to buy her one too!!!!

  3. gina says:

    i’ve been trying to get my hands on a curling iron that keeps my hair from getting frizzy, i’m hoping this is the one!!!!!!

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