The Hot Ombre Trend

Ombre hair has been quite the ongoing trend; celebrities from Jessica Biel to Jennifer Aniston are seen sporting this brunette faded into blonde look. Although we love ombre hair, we have seen quite the few ombre mishaps and disasters that can all around throw you off from the craze. When done right though, ombre hair can look absolutely beautiful with any skin tone and complexion. We highly recommend you go to a hairstylist when wanting to consider trying out this unique styling. If you’re a brunette and your tired of the same old traditional brown, then considering getting this new do’. We feel as though the ombre is one hair look that is universally flattering on almost everyone. If you’ve never seen yourself as a full blonde, than this is just the one step needed to create a new and exciting hair color.

The upkeep for this look is extraordinarily low. Since the ombre fades from your natural dark roots into a blonde, no frequent salon visits are necessary to maintain your roots, so talk about one hairstyle that is considered low maintenance; we didn’t even think it was possible when dying our hair a new color! As you can see in the chart above, there are many different possibilities and shades you can choose from that will best look flattering against your natural root color. Believe us when we say an ombre is supposed to be gradual, not just dark to light. There are many at home ombre kits at Target and Wal-Mart to create your own ombre hairstyle, but please consider yourself warned. Working with bleach is definitely more so of a professional hairstylist’s job. Otherwise, if you choose to go down the ombre path, we guarantee you’ll never want to go back!


  1. Madison H. says:

    i love this hair color =]

  2. krystal perez says:

    i SO wanna dye my hair ombre 🙂

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