The Most Essential Makeup

Now, it is most likely that you already have a makeup collection that is packed to the brim. In fact, you probably do not even use half of what you own. It is always good to have though, right? On this page, we are going to take a little peek at some of the most essential pieces of makeup to have in your collection. These are the pieces that you are always going to be using, no matter the situation.

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  • Foundation: By this, we mean a foundation that actually matches your skin color. There are plenty of people out there who will actually choose foundation which is a slightly different shade to the rest of their skin. This is not something you want to do. It looks hideous. Go to a professional and get them to help you choose the right color foundation. It will make you look so much better.
  • Concealer: Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Well, you are going to need to get hold of some decent concealer. It will cover up those circles pretty quickly. The only downside is that it is not a permanent solution, so you will be getting through a whole lot of concealer. Perhaps the best way in which you can conserve some of it is to dab some lightly around your eyes and allow it to soak in for about one minute. Rub lightly too, otherwise most of it won’t actually be going onto your skin. If after one minute, you need some more, then apply just a small amount.
  • Blush: A light blush is absolutely perfect. Choose something which is a touch lighter than your skin. You do not want to choose a blush which makes you look like you are wearing blush. You want the effect to be as natural as possible, so try to go easy on the color here. It will work wonders.

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  • Eyelash curler: It will make applying mascara a great deal easier. It will also make your eyelashes stand out a whole lot more. Apply the eyelash curler to your eyelashes before you actually use the mascara, otherwise you will be causing all sorts of problems.
  • A good eyeliner pencil: Do not get a cheap one. It will irritate the more sensitive areas around your eyes. Instead, opt for a soft pencil which will just glide over the area without causing any issues. You will, most likely, be spending a decent amount of cash on an eyeliner pencil. However, it is going to be worth each and every penny that you pay for it. Trust me on that one.
  • Eyeshadow: For eyeshadow, you are going to want something basic. You will want something which is just a couple of shades darker than what your skin is at the moment. This will help it to pop out a little more and make you look brilliant. Use a good brush to apply it too, a soft one which just sweeps across your face will be wonderful.

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