Three of the Best Nail Designs for Thanksgiving Nails

Gobble gobble, turkey time is almost here! It’s nearing Thanksgiving in the United States and now it’s time to lose the Halloween nails of ghosts, goblins and witches, and get inspired by the rich autumn colors of orange, brown and gold with fun Thanksgiving nails. Even if you don’t want to sport a turkey on your nails, you can still embrace these colors with inventive nail designs. I’ve gathered some of the best nails for Thanksgiving or autumn here, and even if you aren’t a whiz with nail art, you can easily do some of these designs.

Talking Turkey

Thanksgiving is synonmonous with turkey so why not have a few turkeys on your nails? Here is one of my favorite picks for Thanksgiving turkey nails.

Adventures in Acetone, a nail art blog, has a whimsical turkey tutorial. It’s a cute design that will bring back memories of making construction paper turkeys in elementary school, because the design evokes that same adorable style. I love these nails and they feature a great metallic background.

You begin by painting your base with a silver or gold color, though you can choose whatever shade you like, it’s just the turkey shows up better on these shades. Next you begin the feathers. Check out the tutorial below for a step by step!

Tri-color and Terrific Thanksgiving nails

Do you want to have Thanksgiving nails that are more subtle, or themed nails without colorful characters and pictures? has a fabulous tutorial below on how to do beautiful Thanksgiving or autumn nails with ease. You’ll want to wear these even in the cold days of winter! 

You only need three colors and a bit of tape to pull off this look. As you can see below, the tape helps create the tri-color effect.  This a good nail art tutorial for a beginner, and you can use your favorite autumn colors to do it in less than 30 minutes.


Turning Off New Leaf with Nail Art

Here’s a Thanksgiving nail art style that you can wear throughout fall and it looks gorgeous thanks to its rich shades. has a tutorial for fall nails featuring leaves that pop on a background of bright orange. You’ll definitely feel in the autumn mood after doing this set of nail art. This is a neat style that uses grey and yellow edging to add interest to the nail, and let it be set off from the background. See the tutorial below!


There you have it: three adorable and fun Thanksgiving nail ideas that you can wear to your next family gathering.  Don’t forget to check out The Hottest Fall Nail Polish Shades Under $17 to get inspiration for your hot new fall nails. You’ll find some of great nail polish shades by Essie, OPI and more to try if you attempt the above nail designs.



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