Top Tips for a Flawless Face

You want a flawless face, right? Of course you do! Well, the tips on this page are going to set you on the path towards perfection.

Choose the right moisturizer

The majority of skin concerns can be eliminated by selecting the right moisturizer to work with. If you have naturally oily skin, you are going to want to use moisturizer which is marked as ‘oil free’. If you have dry skin, opt for a nice and thick cream which has glycerine in it. If you are still breaking out, opt for a lotion or gel instead. Sensitive skinned people should not use a product with fragrance in it.

Always wear sunscreen

Yep, even if it is cold outside. This is because the job of the sunscreen is not just to keep you from getting tanned. It is also there to ensure that the rays from the sun do not damage your skin. Each day, you should opt for an SPF 30 sunscreen. If you are out in the sun, opt for SPF 45. Make sure that all parts of your skin which are exposed get some screen.

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Combat lines on your face

Every evening, you should put a lotion which contains retinol on your face. In some people, this may make the skin red. In these situations, just mix it up with some moisturizer. Every other day, you should get a good glycolic acid peel on your face. This will boost the rate in which skin cells are turning over and this will, in turn, lead to flawless skin.

Avoid chapped lips

Honestly, the best way in which to avoid chapped lips is to just put some sunscreen on them. Again, SPF 30 is all you are going to really need here. Nothing special is needed. So, just work that into your routine when you deal with the rest of your body.

Reduce the size of your pores

If your pores are blocked, they will look bigger. Therefore, your best bet is to clean them out. The best way in which to do this is to use an exfoliating product. Make sure it contains salicylic acid. I suggest that you use this every other day in order to prevent your skin from becoming damaged.

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Dealing with sensitive skin

If your skin is burning or turning red whenever you use a product, it means you have sensitive skin. This means that you are going to need to be careful about the types of product that you are using on it. At the very minimum, you need to avoid products which are fragranced (most people, even without sensitive skin should avoid them anyway). In addition to this, you are also going to want to try out every product, lightly, on your skin before you use it properly. After all, it is probably best to make a very small location on your body red before you coat your whole skin and just end up looking absolutely terrible.

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