Update Your Wardrobe and Stay On Fleek With Fall Trends Inspired by New York Fashion Week

Fall is in full swing and so is your autumn wardrobe! New York Fashion Week emphasized the findings of Pantone’s Fall Fashion Color Report, which revealed a preference for colors that are warm, resonant of nature, and promoting feelings of comfort and security. Let’s take a look at the hottest trends this fall and winter, which will be with us at least until we ring in a new year on January

It’s History

Designers are paying homage to time periods where the country experienced positive and memorable social changes. The style references range from the Roaring 20s, to the bohemians of the 1950s, to the modernists of the 1960s and 70s.

By way of example, look at the way this amazing dress by Marchesa combines the spirit of the Roaring 20s with a modern and free flowing movement at the bottom:


In fashion, these time periods were often characterized by streamlined, androgynous looks for both men and women. One way that designers are incorporating the androgynous look is through unisex color palettes, which do not lean colors traditionally ascribed to gender distinctions. Ralph Lauren created this stylish suit that looks sharp on either gender:


The ’70s are Back

The 1970s are back and that means tapered jeans are out! It’s all about laid back hippie chic for ladies’ pants, with flared bottoms and high waists, as is seen in this example from New York & Company, their 7th Avenue Wide Flare Linen Pant


You can see the same idea in a this hip pair of jeans by Ralph Lauren:


Tone It Down

Fall 2015’s style palette is also embodied by neutrals and colors drawn from nature. Gone are the bright, saturated colors from falls past, as well as the more pastel colors popular last winter.

In their place are toned down colors complemented by rich jewel tones. Stormy Weather (PANTONE 18-4214), is one of fall’s top colors. The blue-grey hue implies safety and security. Try Stormy Weather colors in a nice rain jacket or an A-line skirt. The blue tone will compliment almost any color.

Another popular color is Oak Bluff (PANTONE 16-1144), which is a mellow, warm tone evocative of warm fall days and golden yellow leaves. Oak Bluff is a natural pair for Stormy Weather and also makes a great choice for layering with cardigans, sweaters, and scarves.

Meanwhile, Pantone’s color of the year for 2015, Marsala (PANTONE 18-1438) is still going strong, as you can see from this gorgeous flowing lace and marsala dress by Zimmerman.


Finally, sneak a peek at Amethyst Orchid, which seemed to be fall design’s top choice for bursts of color! This lovely, feminine shade works on everything from outerwear to evening wear:


Remember, what appears on the runways of New York fashion week in September will be hitting the stores in October and November. With several retailers already slashing prices in advance of the holiday shopping rush, now is the perfect time to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe. Choose classic pieces that are stylish in any era, and layer with trendy colors and shapes.



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