Victoria’s Secret Wavy Hair Secret

Big effortless Victoria’s Secret waves have been the envy of every girl since as long as we can remember. Everyone dreams of having big luscious waves that bounce within every step. I mean, if the Victoria’s Secret Angels have big luxurious hair why can’t we? Ladies, we’re just as worthy of big voluminous hair, so we’re going to show you just how to achieve it. Using a 1-½ inch curling wand, you can create some of the most beautiful curls ever. We recommend picking one up if you want to recreate some big, beautiful bouncy hair. One curling iron we absolutely love is by Hot Tools and it is there Ceramic Tourmaline 1 ½ inch curling iron. This iron can go up to 425 degrees and create some of the most beautiful curls you have ever seen.

Whichever iron you use, the larger the better, as we are trying to create large effortless waves, and not just small spiral curls. Once you’ve heated up your iron, always make sure to use a heat protectant to ensure your hair doesn’t become fried or damaged from the heat. Taking 1 inch sections wrap your curls flat against the barrel and hold for 15-20 seconds and release. Rewrap your curls with your fingers and pin them to your head, just to make sure they last all day. Make sure to curl your hair AWAY from your face, as you want the curls to go in the opposite direction, creating that windswept look. Once you’ve curled your sections allow your curls to cool upon your head for 10 to 15 minutes before taking them out. Afterwards just toss your head over ruffling your curls so that they fall effortlessly in to place, apply some shine serum and hairspray and continue strutting down the cement sidewalks as if they were a runway.


  1. eliz says:

    beautiful 🙂

  2. janna k. says:

    i’ve always dreamed of hair like this ^.^

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